I could never understand depression. Not until I had to experience it myself. I thought it was something people would get because they felt emotional and got depressed too often. That it was something they had full control of and could immediately alter their mood by simply thinking happier and letting go.
I was so fucking wrong. Some nights I feel like someone stabbed me in the chest. I can’t help any thoughts I have. I can’t help how I feel no matter what I think about to keep it from going away. My lows get VERY LOW…
I used to think these people were just weaker. These people just did not have the strength to keep their head up.
I thought I was stronger, but we can only take so much before we hit a point where we start to drown.
Now it’s you fighting this mentality. It’s fighting the judgement because no one understands that this can’t just go away over night and by not getting help you’re only adding to it.
Please if you know someone whose going through this, help them. Don’t judge anyone because you do not know what it’s like. Encourage their counseling, therapy, medications they need to get better.
With that being said please spread the word. đŸ’‹

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